Sunday, August 28, 2016

There may be a new Werewolf novel in the future

Anne answering questions. I do want to get back to The Wolf Gift people and their stories. But it will take time. Right now there are two novels, The Wolf Gift and The Wolves of Midwinter.  They make up a complete story on their own. No cliff hangers. And I hope they provide a satisfying read. But this is an ongoing world in my mind and there is plenty more to write. Again, I need time.

I'm already at work on a Lestat novel to follow "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis," and perhaps when that new book is done, I can return to my beloved morphenkinder — werewolves — who reside at their glorious old mansion, Nideck Point, on the windswept northern California coast. I feel like I built that house stone by stone. I laid its floors. I built its white iron conservatory and filled it with flowers and orchard trees.

Young Reuben Golding, poet and journalist, is the hero of The Wolf Gift, an accidental werewolf who may live forever, cut off now by secrets from his mortal family as he enfolded by a new family of elder werewolves who can guide him and inspire him with their experience and their tales of their past. I'm happy when readers weigh in on Reuben and Felix and the morphenkinder clan. I spent many years exploring northern California, and I think its jagged coastline and its great shadowy redwood forests are a divine gothic milieu. The landscape is as romantic to me as the coast of England — with Mendocino County's mists and chilling winds, and the stark thrilling spectacle of trees a thousand years old. Following a narrow sun dappled road through the towering redwoods there feels supernatural to me, like following a corridor into another world. I'll get back there, back to Reuben and his dreams.

Read The Wolf Gift now.

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