Thursday, August 25, 2016

The novel that was "Blood Paradise" and the promise of a new Lestat adventure

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis flows right out of Prince Lestat. It gives me a chance to present Lestat's royal Court in the mountains of France in its full glory.

In the past the vampire tribe has tried to come together — for example, on the Night Island described in Queen of the Damned — but it has never worked out. Vampires drift away. At one point the vampires gathered in St. Elizabeth's Orphanage in New Orleans as Lestat lay comatose on the floor of the old chapel; but eventually he and they moved on. This time around, the French Court offers new hope. And into this world comes the mystery of Atlantis coupled with a grave threat to the tribe's survival. 

The novel will be published on November 29th. And by that time, perhaps I'll be well on the road to finishing yet another Lestat adventure, flowing from this one. I don't want to offer a tentative title. Titles are subject to change with me, and I need to face that fact. The original title of this new work was "Blood Paradise." But I wanted Atlantis in the title. The legend of ancient Atlantis has been an obsession with me for a long time.

(Ignore the paperback price posted on Amazon. That may be for the Large Print edition. There will be a regular paperback publication at a lower price in time. Also check out the guarantees that come with a pre-order.)

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