Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lestat will be back with his tribe of outcasts

From Anne: Prince Lestat is the first of my novels to rack up over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. For me, it is a reboot of the series, with a wholehearted commitment to write not just about my beloved hero, Lestat, but about Lestat and the whole tribe.

Another Prince Lestat novel is coming to be published in November and I hope there will be another Prince Lestat novel after that.

The Vampire Chronicles overall is an eccentric series that was never an organized series at all. It is the story of a tribe of outcasts, as seen through the eyes of individual members who deal with vampirism and immortality in their own ways. It's about outcasts, monsters, people society fears and rejects; it's about having incalculable power to determine your own destiny while paying a terrible price for that power. It's about moving through darkness to find light.

At times when writing these books, most of the time, actually, I feel like I'm channeling real personalities, who inhabit a world somewhere that I've been privileged to see from an omniscient perspective. I yield to Lestat when I write about him. There have been years when I couldn't see him or hear his voice. Well, he's back now and the world around him is filled with vivid detail.

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