Friday, August 26, 2016

Have you read The Wolves of Midwinter?

From Anne:  The Wolves of Midwinter was meant as a Christmas book. A kind of "Christmas at Downton Abbey" for the werewolves of Nideck Point. Well, we didn't make that clear enough in the title. Some readers couldn't quite figure why they were reading a novel about one long Christmas celebration.

But for me it made perfect sense, tying in ancient midwinter customs with the werewolves of today as they celebrate a pagan feast that has become a Christian feast. The novel amplifies The Wolf Gift. And it does take further the personal story of the hero, Reuben, young werewolf with a foot in two worlds. It's also about the deep need of the people of this earth to honor nature and its mysteries, to celebrate the changing seasons, a need so deep that it transcends religion or religious bias or "unbelief."

There is a long tradition in English literature of writing gothic ghost stories at Christmas time. That tradition gave us Dickens' Christmas Carol. I love all that...Christmas as a time when the deep dark and cold of winter open a portal to the supernatural.

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