Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I just finished re-reading Interview

I just finished re-reading Interview with the Vampire and I have a renewed appreciation for the violent clash of its philosophies as personified by Louis, Lestat, Claudia, and Armand; as well as the beauty of the prose, and its richness in imagery. I plan to take a deep dive into the book and then I go into The Feast of All Saints, a book I am salivating for because I have never read it. It will be a while before I encounter the vampires again, as Cry to Heaven is next in line, and then the early erotica work.

Before that, here's writing advice from Anne. Becket, her dedicated assistant, posts one daily on her page. I plan to compile these, God-willing, so I can look back on them. They're all so down-to-earth and useful.

My last post was a little obsessive-compulsive on how Louis looks like. Naturally you can cast in your mind any actor or celebrity that would help you visualize and enjoy the book. Matt Bomer and Keanu Reeves are two good-looking actors who have black hair and tantalizing eyes. That's up to you.

I related to Louis the most in this novel. I think most readers do so as well. In my past I can think ex-lovers... of a Lestat, beautiful and overpowering, whom I wounded and scarred deeply, and an Armand, who has had more than a sleight-of-hand in gripping my heart. But I jump ahead.

I want to talk a bit about the room where the boy (unnamed in this book, but is actually called Daniel Molloy), interviewed Louis. In the movie, the room was rather bright and warm, and I think that's a necessary convention for film cameras to work. Too little light and you don't get quality images. But understand it was a dark room, and not until Louis switched on the overhead was there a flood of harsh, yellow light. It was a good device to strike terror into the image of Louis, beautiful though he may be, but he is not human. Not human at all.

There's been talks of a remake of the movie with Jared Leto playing Lestat as the screenwriter and director, Josh Boone, dropped less than uncanny hints on his Twitter. There's conflicting rumors that it is a remake, and so it will be titled "Interview with the Vampire" and there's some who say it will actually be a sequel, and be based more on The Vampire Lestat. Well, we'll see.

Tomorrow, let's talk about Paul.

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