Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Punishment at the Inn

Elle Fanning is so classy and pretty! Well, as an ode to her for playing Sleeping Beauty so beautifully and innocently in Disney's Maleficent, I am imagining her as that girl from the inn whom the Crown Prince asked to punish Beauty.

This little episode off a commoner, a villager being allowed to punish Beauty is a wonderful foreshadowing of the second book Beauty's Punishment. But I have no way of telling you if Anne had planned a second book, or that it would be a quartet, when she penned Claiming. Did she pre-plan it? Did she just follow this nudging from her subconscious to include this episode? At any rate, it's a brilliant stroke of genius.

Of course my Captain of the Guard is the hunky David Beckham. I have a thing for football players.