Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Journey and the Punishment at the Inn

Day Two on The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Chapter Two
part one, "The Journey"

It's a long chapter, so I'll post reactions to the Journey part before they arrive at the Inn, which I'll react to tomorrow.

Playboy said that the Beauty series is light fantasy. If you happen to be an empathic reader, you may feel sorry for Beauty. That's all right. There can be some wicked pleasure to feeling sorry for another person.

But if you instead use the books as a guide to your sexual fantasies, assigning celebrities you fancy as cast of characters, you may find the books will give you a titillating turn. A. N. Roquelaure invites us to embrace our full sexuality, not to apologize for our attractions to the same or opposite sex. Admire and appreciate beauty in all humans, and in yourself.

As for the Captain of the Guard, I would like to assign my favorite football player who I have a man crush on: Neymar Jr!