Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Now reading: Claudia's Story

Meticulously extracted from the pages of Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice's seminal novel, Claudia's Story relates the tale of the vampire who never should have been through the eyes of the titular character, providing new insights into her mind and story. Lavishly illustrated by Ashely Marie Witter in her debut novel, this volume is a treasured addition to the library of any Anne Rice aficionado (from the inside flap).

I am re-reading this because I want to re-enter the world of the vampires, and now, truly, finally, read Anne's works in chronological novel. I know, I should begin again with Interview, but if I "begin" here at least I'll have a visual of how the characters look like. Plus I am sure I can do it in one sitting.

The illustrations are gothic, beautiful, morbid at times, but always elegant. If you find a copy of this in your bookstore, do not hesitate to get it.

I suspect it would fill in any questions we may have in the plot of Interview, as Claudia is such an enigmatic character that often Louis was surprised and astounded by her words and actions.

Claudia will always be my favorite vampire.

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