Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 17

"No one expects you ever to pretend to feel that which you do not feel!" Alexi attests in this chapter, and how lovely it is to be nakedly honest... but why do we need permission?  Why do we need to be told to experience the fullness of our emotions?  Why can't we as human beings own up to our feelings?  We were born naked, put on clothing over our bodies, and then grow up to put on masks and other pretensions over our hearts.

I am not gonna spoil anything, but it's the last two chapters and the plot is building to another climax with mounting suspense and mystery.  Why couldn't this novel have gone on and on?

"You are as much a man and woman as I am a man and woman," Dmitri tells the Queen, and this is the beauty of the kingdom: total acceptance of one's self, and the sharing of that self to others fully.

Titania makes an appearance here again.  I'm dying to know what this all means!  On to the next chapter!

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