Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 15

Well, although there wasn't a description of a hot scene because they seem to be minor characters, maybe I could assign Cristiano Ronaldo as Prince Richard, and Neymar as Penryn?  Let me decide on it after some thought.

Maybe, too, Zac Efron can be a fantasy Valentine.  Who to play Cesar?  I originally imagined Cristiano for that role.  Hm... all right, Cristiano as Cesar.  I am decided.

I am so far from having my goal abs (deadline is 25 December), and I must be both my own master and slave in this respect.  "Discipline had to pervade every moment of their lives," Prince Alexi said.  And that shall be my own prescription.

Brenn said at the end of the chapter in description of Beauty's Kingdom, "I never in my wildest longing dreamed of such a paradise."  You and me both, Brenn.  You and me both.

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