Monday, November 2, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 14

Finally, Lexius arrives, but not in the manner I hoped for.  Well, when did Rice ever wrote something predictable anyway?  I hope Lexius doesn't disappoint.  He is beautiful!

Now Queen Beauty said something unnerving to me.  "It's as if every slave, no matter how lowly, how disobedient, how submissive, or how perfect is connected by a golden thread to my very heart."  Why this unsettled me is because not only is this true for me (I am in love with Queen Beauty), but also it reminded me of Christ.

That is strange to say reading erotica.  And I don't want to Christianize pornography.  But her statement made me think of Jesus, who became Man, and knows exactly how we all feel, being once all enslaved to sin, until, with His death and resurrection, triumphed over death and is now King of all.  For Beauty, she was slave first before ascending into Queen, through many trials.  Christ is God, who became Man, and also faced many trials.  Their identification with slaves is what's haunting to me.  Did not the Prophet Isaiah call the Messiah the Suffering Servant?  All right, end of such talk and back to Bellavalten.  When I get to the Christ the Lord series, I'll have lots to say about Jesus.

 Bellavalten.  A kingdom that exists for pure pleasure.  Now that is heaven.

As an afterthought, I think that Paul Bettany would have made a sexy Lord Stefan, had I not chosen Jon Bon Jovi beforehand.  Maybe I'm allowed to make changes?  Well, tell me what you think.

Well, I'm now at the end of the chapter and turns out that Lexius is sort of obnoxious. What a letdown.

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