Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 12

"Georgette, Charlotte, and Samantha, those are their names! Only no one ever knew them by those names when they served as grooms under the late queen. In those days, they were George, Charles and Samuel! Well, they've come back, and dressed as men! Same as before...and begging the new queen to allow them to serve once more.

"And the new queen has allowed it. 'Why not?' she said. 'Why should they not live as men if the choose.'"

Beauty's Kingdom is so aptly titled, as it is not only the Sleeping Beauty's realm, but also a place where true beauty is accepted, celebrated, and nourished. The label 'transgender' does not exist in this kingdom, nor does any such derogatory labels. What is encouraged is a loving, dignifying acceptance of one's true self. And that is the key to Beauty's kingdom.

Little side comment: I love the name Neshi!

Chapter 9 was mostly told in Brenn's point of view. Now we are told Sybil's experience as she enters service as a Pony for Queen Beauty. And it's an exquisitely beautiful chapter, resplendent with delicious detail. It's almost like every new chapter in this story becomes my favorite.

Tilda Swinton as Georgette

Mario Götze as Oweyn

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