Friday, October 23, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapters 6 and 7

In Chapter 6 we see King Laurent and Queen Beauty drawing up new rules for Bellavalten. I suspect this was almost a commentary on the quality of popular erotica that is available today. Let me name it: Fifty Shades of Grey. I will not comment on the book as I have never read it, although friends and fellow readers who have equivocally abhor it. Queen Eleanor had lost the kingdom's former luster, and it is now time for the new Monarchs to revive the kingdom. Shades was badly written, and so A.N. Roquelaure returns to infuse blood into the genre.

Chapter 7. We meet Princess Blanche. I'd like to imagine Cara Delevigne in this role for no other reason except that her face bores me and I want to make her exciting by imaging her as a slave. But I revert to a girl who I have a real crush on. Alexis Bledel. Now that's a beauty!

(And no! She didn't write that scene between Tristan and Laurent! Sadness! Loss!)

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