Saturday, October 24, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 8

And we finally meet Prince Dmitri! Much as I adore Matt Bomer (who doesn't?), I can't help but think of him as Reuben Golding. So, I'm betting on Sean O'Pry.

I am in love with Prince Dmitri! It turns out he has a great voice—he is a natural storyteller. I love how he would have flashbacks of his past as a slave, even as he visits the new kingdom, and this helps give the sense of the passage of time. It is beautiful that we are given a tour of the Castle and the Village through his eyes. His voice is distinct from Lestat's, or Toby O'Dare's, or Louis's. It's amazing! He is a character on his own. Of course, he sees different things from the other characters in the other novels. But he sounds like himself, not like any other character of Anne's. Anne is a genius!

I want to think of the two slaves assigned to Prince Dmitri, Kiera and Bertram, as Yam Concepcion and Tom Taus, respectively.

I hope an artist or cartographer would be delighted in drawing a map of the castle grounds, its gardens, the Bridle Path, and even the Village, as in most Medieval fantasy stories.

I love these two sentences from page 103. "...I spent a long time with my mirror as I reflected on what might soon occur." And, "When you are a naked pleasure slave, it seems to me, you learn not to be vain, but to reside completely in your physical being."

The pleasure slave from the village, Barbara, I imagine as Lovi Poe.
Bella Thorne as Princess Rosalynd

The last two paragraphs of this chapter are just splendid!

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