Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 5

By chapter 5, my mind wanted to take an opposite track. What if I read from hereon for the story? What if it weren't erotica but a Medieval Tale, and it just happened to have sexy scenes along the way? What if I cared about the storytelling, the style, character development? Even in such a reading Beauty's Kingdom does not disappoint, because Roquelaure cared about the above in the telling so this is not some cheap pornography you hold in your hands, but one so stylishly executed to bear a second, third or fourth reading for its delicate nuances.

Rice, as a mistress of invention, is famous for turning long accepted rules on its head. Vampires are not just monstrous creatures but tormented souls. Werewolves are heroes and not slaves to the Moon. Angels are not quaint figurines but powerful emissaries from a heavenly realm. Now with Beauty and Laurent ruling, the she shakes up the 'rules' of Bellavalten's world and expands it to limitless possibilities.

I am most intrigued by Lexius and Sonya. I don't have a picture of who Sonya is in my mind, but as for Lexius, I choose Imran Abbas.

King Laurent's resolve is very early being shaken by doubt...whether he'd be able to bear if Queen Beauty decides to play slave for a night. Well, we'll see where this leads. There's also the promise of him mastering Tristan, which I hope happens!

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