Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 13

Prince Dmitri describes his style of discipline thus: "following an instinct to do what gave me the highest pleasure."  I am wondering if this style applies to other things, like one's job or vocation.  Instinctive, pleasurable.

There are many words I had to google the meaning of as I read Beauty's Kingdom, and I feel stupid that it is only now that I thought of listing them.  Well, all's not lost.  Equipage, pronounced ˈɛkwɪpɪdʒ, probably came from the root word Equus, which means horse. It means "a carriage and horses with attendants."

Hey, I know all of this is fiction, but I can't help but wonder if human beings would truly blossom when trained as a pleasure slave.  Or is this suspension of disbelief taking me over in the tale?  I am thinking of Dmitri's plans for disciplining Becca, making her lovelier.  But look at Beauty, isn't she the Queen of Sublime Gracefulness?  Did her years as a slave teach her that?  Beauty said, "It is unspeakable to live in misery in such a kingdom as this and never be able to give vent to your deepest feelings, to be denied what you truly want."  Simply remarkable that thought!

The title of this chapter is Dmitri: A New Challenge with the Masked One, and it excited me to find out who the masked one is!  Too delicious!  All I can say now is that Beauty's Kingdom truly is where dreams come true.

My ultimate football crush is Neymar, and I have been forever reserving him for a character of my desire, but I've gone to chapter 13, and now I'm afraid that the book might have run out of a naked slave for him.  I hope not.

hottest Brazilian ever
And there's Cristiano Ronaldo as well, although I imagine him to be Cesar, King Laurent's lead stallion.  Why not?

Well, if I can't find any more roles for them in the Beauty books, I'll reserve them for the Rampling stories! Oh, yeah, of course, Zac Efron, too.

Now this chapter is between Dmitri and the Masked One, and it is hot.  Simply hot.  What Prince Dmitri said reminded me of how I felt when I broke up with my ex.  "And so my life spread out before me and torn as I was, suffering as I was, I could not help but be grateful and glad."  So then I know I really loved him.  And that it's really over.

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