Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beauty's Kingdom, chapter 1

I finally got some time to read Beauty's Kingdom. I've tried to read it before, but it got so steamy I just couldn't continue without fapping. But now I lit some scented candles and the house is filled with the fragrance of rose petals. I shall begin to read on this stormy morning as Lando ravages Aurora.

I have only read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty before this series. I have vague ideas of what happened in the plots of Punishment and Release, so I shall read those soon.

The book opens with a quote from Romeo and Juliet. Earlier this year we, The Manila Shakespeare Company, had a rerun of that play at Teatrino, Greenhills. At one scene I was to read a book, and naturally, I used Beauty's Kingdom as a prop.

That was a bit of erotica advertising from me! Now, my plan to read Rice's erotica is this: I may need to assign celebrities I personally have a crush on for the characters, so that I get to maximize my enjoyment of the scenes.

Part 1 Twilight of an Old Kingdom
Chapter 1 Lady Eva: Long day's journey into hope

We are introduced to Lady Eva. I'm not sure if she was in Release. I think I shall imagine Zhang Ziyi as her. I will need to disregard Anne's descriptions of race and complexions. I like Asian girls.

My Prince Tristan, of course, is JC de Vera. Emma Stone as Princess Blance.

Lady Eva
Prince Tristan
Princess Blanche


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