Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Anne Rice books so far...

First off, I want to apologize that I have kept this blog silent for several months. Work got in the way, and all sorts of other things. But enough excuses. It's time to get things going again, especially that Beauty's Kingdom, the fourth in the Sleeping Beauty series (making it a quartet) is coming out 21st April. I do not know if its release date in Manila's bookstores will coincide with the US release. I do hope so. I remember the mad scramble for Prince Lestat in October last year. I was so stressed out when there were no copies anywhere because they were sold out within a day!

So I'm wiser now and reserved my copy of Beauty's Kingdom.

I want to make this updated list of my Anne Rice hardbounds as of yet. It is also a shoutout to the Book God, to the God of Literature, to help me acquire the few titles I don't have yet in hardbound. Please pray along with me.

So here's a little chart. I think I began buying straight from the bookstore hardcovers only since Out of Egypt. It was only then that I discovered the joy of collecting first editions. The rest I got from online booksellers or secondhand bookstores.

The Wolf Gift, the graphic novel ... hardcover
Prince Lestat ... first edition hardcover
The Wolves of Midwinter ... first edition hardcover
Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story ... hardcover
The Wolf Gift ... first edition hardcover
Of Love and Evil ... first edition hardcover
Angel Time ... first edition hardcover
Called Out of Darkness ... first edition hardcover
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana ... first edition hardcover
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt ... first edition hardcover
Blood Canticle ... first edition hardcover
Blackwood Farm ... first edition hardcover
Blood and Gold ... first edition hardcover
Merrick ... first trade edition hardcover
Vittorio, the Vampire ... first trade edition hardcover
The Vampire Armand ... first trade edition hardcover
Pandora ... first trade edition hardcover
Violin ... first trade edition hardcover
Servant of the Bones ... first edition hardcover
Memnoch the Devil ... first edition hardcover
Taltos ... first edition hardcover
Lasher ... first edition hardcover
The Tale of the Body Thief ... first edition hardcover
The Mummy ... first edition softcover
The Queen of the Damned ... first edition hardcover
The Vampire Lestat ... signed mass market paperback, courtesy of my friends at Anne Rice Phils

I also have the leatherbound edition of the first three books of The Vampire Chronicles in one volume.

Cry to Heaven ... first trade edition
The Feast of All Saints ... mass market paperback
Interview with the Vampire ... hardcover

as Anne Rampling
Exit to Eden ... trade edition hardcover, missing dust jacket
Belinda ... trade paperback

as A. N. Roquelaure
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty ... Plume hardcover edition
Beauty's Punishment ... Plume hardcover edition
Beauty's Release ... Plume hardcover edition

As you can see, I lack in hardcover The Witching Hour, The Feast of All Saints, The Vampire Lestat and Cry to Heaven. I am quite happy with my Anne Rampling books, however. So, please help me if you find any of these titles in hardcover.

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Thanks, loves!


  1. Ah, I had somehow missed that Exit to Eden was by Rice. I liked that book, and the movie version wasn't bad, though imperfect as most adaptations are.

  2. I didn't know about the movie version! Thanks for the head's up. I'll look for it this weekend.