Monday, January 12, 2015

First, a word about my editions

 I have a hardcover The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and I am so delighted to be an owner. It was published in 1983 by Plume, an imprint of New American Library, a division of Penguin Books, Ltd.

It's not a first edition, though, because it does show Anne Rice's name on the front. I believe the true first editions would only show A. N. Roquelaure as the author.

I wish to tell you where I got my copy of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. I got them from an old couple. They used to own the previously-loved-books bookstore (I don't know the name) on the second floor in Shopping Center in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. When I was in school I often visited and fingered the spine of books in there, promising myself to purchase all the books I wanted when I get the money.

The store isn't there anymore, unfortunately.

The couple lives in the midst of a labyrinthian barangay in Krus na Ligas just outside UP Diliman's campus. I spent an hour through the winding streets asking for direction to find their house. I must've told this story before in this blog. They sold me the first of the series, Claiming. I got Release and Punishment from another seller.

The old couple confessed that as soon as their kids graduated, they closed the shop. They were not making enough money. Few students were into reading any more, which put me into a bit of a shock. UP students? Not reading? What is wrong with this world?

Granted, maybe they just moved to e-books. That's a possibility. But I certainly hope UP students never stop loving to read.

Well, the couple said they had a complete Anne Rice collection, and this was the only one they had left and I'm glad I got it. Book and reading are very important. I fully believe in Literature and Theatre! I believe in the power of these art forms to shape humanity for the better.

So, again, I'm shifting to reading the Beauty books. I hope you don't mind, those of you following me as I read through Interview. I'll get back to Louis and Claudia soon enough, after April.

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