Sunday, January 11, 2015

A tectonic departure

First off, I want to say that I shall be able to blog again more regularly. I was having trouble with my old keyboard which I bought at CDR-King, possibly the worst business establishment there ever is as far as quality of product and customer service is concerned. Sure, they sell cheaper goods compared to branded products, but they're just not worth the money. The keyboard I bought from them did not even last a year.

I have one now that is A4Tech brand. It's quick, they keys are silent and soft, and I am loving it! The clanky keyboard I had was a heartache. My computer often did not recognize it, and I had to unplug and replug it several times before it worked. And the keys are noisy and unwieldy at times. That was the one sole reason I have not been writing in this blog for a while.

I am in the midst of reading Interview with the Vampire, as you all know, if you've been following my blog. I know I promised to read all of Miss Rice's works in the order they were published but... in preparation for the release of Beauty's Kingdom scheduled for 21 April 2015, which is the fourth in the Beauty erotica books, I will shift to the Sleeping Beauty Books, if you don't mind.

I first read them when I was in college and didn't do much except masturbate after each scene. Well, I'm over thirty years old now, and I don't plan to respond to the books the same way, but mine it for all its literary merit. Yes, they are pornography. And I will love reading the books.

Format: one entry per chapter for The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Spoilers afoot, and lots of personal insights. 

So, here's to S&M! And here's to Beauty!

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