Thursday, November 13, 2014

All of Anne Rice's books

Here is a timeline of Anne Rice's books, according to publication. (Soure: wikipedia)

Interview with the Vampire 1976
The Feast of All Saints 1979

(05 August 1981 -- I was born!)

Cry to Heaven 1982
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty 1983
Beauty's Punishment 1984
Exit to Eden 1985
Beauty's Release 1985
The Vampire Lestat 1985
Belinda 1986

(At five years old, I learned to read! The year was 1986. The People Power Revolution happened in Edsa in February of that year. I would also enter first grade elementary school in June)

The Queen of the Damned 1988
The Mummy 1989
The Witching Hour 1990
The Tale of the Body Thief 1992
Lasher 1993
Taltos 1994
Memnoch the Devil 1995
Servant of the Bones 1996

(In 1996, I first read Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. It was a major turning point in my life. I went on to read every book of hers I could find.)

Violin 1997 
Pandora 1998
The Vampire Armand 1998

(I read Memnoch the Devil and my faith was shaken by it. What happened here? I began to doubt God's love.

At this point in my life, strong influence from "Christian mentors" discouraged me from reading any more of Anne Rice's "subversive" books. I was young, and I listened to them. Often I found myself in bookstores, longingly running my fingers down the spines of her books. The rest of her books was then lost to me. The world of vampires and witches and the supernatural was lost to me. The mythology that spoke to me was lost.

No other novelist captured my attention the way she did and so after a while I stopped trying to look for a new favorite author to replace her. I ended up reading more non-fiction than fiction.

Interestingly, I do want to note that at around this time I discovered Robert A. Heinlein. I was wise enough not to let my "Christian guardians" about his books. And for a long time I daydreamed using the pseudonym "Robert Rice" if ever I get published.)

Vittorio, the Vampire 1999
Merrick 2000
Blood and Gold 2001
Blackwood Farm 2002
Blood Canticle 2003
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt 2005

(At the release of Christ the Lord, I had an "excuse" to return to Rice. She had now become Christian. There was no longer anything "sinful" about reading her work. I could easily justify it then. She was writing about no less than the Son of Man! And beautifully, too. A long drought in my thirst for fiction ended. I began collecting first edition hardcovers of her novels.)

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana 2008
Called Out of Darkness, a spiritual confession 2008
Songs of the Seraphim: Angel Time 2009
Songs of the Seraphim: Of Love and Evil 2010
The Wolf Gift 2012

(At around this time I began to be active on Facebook. I found her online, and joined the People of the Page.)

The Wolves of Mid-Winter 2013
Prince Lestat 2014

(Of her thirty-four books to date, I have 22 in hardcover, and 6 in trade paperback. Six titles I am still calling home to me. I am happy with my trade paperback editions, but I will not refuse hardcover editions of them.)

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